My name is Erika (aka Rickus) and I love to read. Hence the blog 😛 I hail from the very cold but lovely country of Sweden so please be kind and overlook the language and grammar mistakes I make. I don’t write this for the language, I write for the books.


Random photos of me and two of my cats (yes, I have three. No, I don’t know how it happened)

Here you will find reviews of books I’ve read, both bad and good, and some overall updates concerning books. If you have a request, as in a book you are interested seeing reviewed or if you yourself have a book you want to be reviewed, please feel free to contact me. If you aren’t comfortable leaving a comment about this you can email me at rickusbooks@outlook.com or send me a message on twitter (link).

I hope you will enjoy your stay. Feel free to follow, like or leave a comment.


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    • With us, it’s always the Vikings fault 😛 Yes, I would be very interested. You can email me at 1001764@gmail.com . A mobi file would be preferable. If you have any preferences regarding time of review and so on, just let me know in the email. Thank you for contacting me 🙂


  8. although just couple of days since met you (not even contacted you on Goodreads yet – been shy :P) but I like your blog. Your writing style, way of providing insights of things. Everything is epic

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  9. Rarity from the Hollow has a new cover for the September 30, 2016 release of the second edition. I could send you a .pdf ARC of it if you would prefer. Thanks!


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    • Hello. Thank you for contacting me. I am very interested in reading your book. You can contact me over at my email: 1001764.gmail.com (I know, it doesn’t make any sense). Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  11. Hi Erika,

    I’m writing to let you know that the final edition of Rarity from the Hollow was released to Amazon on December 5, 2016. http://amzn.to/2lF5BPS On 1-6-17, the first review of it was published, five stars. To facilitate your consideration of checking it out, the closing lines were: “…Brilliant satires such as this are genius works of literature in the same class as Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm.’ I can picture American Lit professors sometime in the distant future placing this masterpiece on their reading list.” https://marcha2014.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/5-stars-for-rarity-from-the-hollowby-robert-eggleton/ The ARC was awarded two Gold Medals by review organizations and was named one of the five best books of 2015 by a Bulgarian book critic. It received 26 five star review and 43 four star reviews. The final edition is much better. On 2-17-17, Dan’l Danehy-Oakes, a critic whose book reviews often appear in the New York Review of Science Fiction, published his review, five stars: “…I know this all sounds pretty whack, and it is, but it’s also quite moving. Lacy Dawn and her supporting cast – even Brownie, the dog – are some of the most engaging characters I’ve run across in a novel in some time….” http://sturgeonslawyer.livejournal.com/

    I would love to send you a copy.

    Take care,



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