50-day bookish challenge – Day 46: Do you have a bookish tattoo? Do you want one?

No. Although I have several tattoos, none of them are bookish. I would love to get the quote “the last enemy that shall be defeated is death” from Harry Potter (yes, I know it’s originally a Bible quote) one day.


50-day bookish challenge – Day 43: Free rant, go ahead, we all know you want to.

Why do most villains in ya-books have to be male? And also the heroines love interest? I don’t really understand this. It is nice once in a while to read such a book but it seems like most books have this type of plot device. Can’t we have more books where the villain is female, perhaps even the same age as the heroine, and just as complex as the male villains. A female villain can also be a love interest for a heroine (like come one, it’s the 21st century people!). We can also, of course, have male heroes with female villains, and male heroes with male villains/love interests. And hey, the villain does not even have to be one of the main love interest. They can just be the villain. If the author want’s the villain of the story to redeem themselves they should not just be able to do so because they’ve fallen head over heels in love with the heroine/hero of the story.

My point is, I want more books where the villain isn’t male or the love interest, or both of them. I know there are already several books like this out there, I have read many of them, but I feel like there can be even more.

50-day bookish challenge – Days 40 and 41

I know! I’ve been so bad this past week when it comes to remembering to post these posts! I have no idea why and I promise to do better for the final nine days (nine, almost there!). But today you get two posts in one.

Day 40: How do you feel when you find a typo/spelling error in a book?

The few times it’s happened I’ve just been surprised since the books should have been edited and therefore no typos/spelling error should be in there. But even editors are human beings so obviously it happens. Unless it happens several times in the same book  I usually don’t care.

Day 41: Do you put a book under your pillow at night?


50-day bookish challenge – Day 39: A book that has made you cry

Argh, I honestly can’t remember the last time I cried reading a book. I have probably done so recently and written a review about me crying whilst reading said book, but at the moment I can’t think of one.

I think I might have shed a tear or two when reading The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett but in that case, I have repressed the memory of it.  I’m not a big crier when it comes to reading, I’m more likely to cry when watching a film or TV series.