Dream Reading Space!

I was recently encouraged by Arhaus.com (thank you) about sharing a post about my dream reading space. I thought this was a great idea because one of the vital things needed when reading is a great reading space. Most of us bookworms probably have a picture of this in our heads whilst some others are happy reading a book anywhere as long as they are reading. However, I do think we all sigh with longing when watching Beauty and the Beast and seeing the fantastic library the Beast gift Belle (I’ve wanted that library since I first saw the film as a little girl. That’s over 20 years of longing).


Since I know that the Disney library is unavailable to most mortals I have instead come up with other ideas for that perfect little reading nook. A window ledge that you could sit in would be the absolute ultimate, with a view either over a lake/the sea or over the forest. If you ever need a break from reading (snort) you can always enjoy the view. Having the coffee pot within reaching distance would also be perfect as I love a warm cup of coffee when reading. Having to get up and go into the kitchen can be a welcome break sometimes but mostly it only feels like a waste of time.


This is the type of window ledge I’m talking about, but I would want more cushions and some blankets as well. Making nests are quite important when reading, and if I don’t do it for myself, then at least my cats are happier when there are like a billion blankets that they can sleep on/under/next to.

If the window ledge never becomes a reality for me then I would be happy with a big yet soft leather armchair that you can curl up on and read your book. I had one before, at our old house, and it was a chair that you could both read on and also curl up and sleep on (I miss that armchair, but it is now in armchair heaven). It means that the armrests can’t be too high or too hard.


This type of leather chair is what I’m talking about! Gorgeous and it looks really comfortable. The coffee pot would still have to be very near by and this armchair would either be placed in the corner or in the middle of a room filled with bookshelves and book related things. This room would not have to be big, as long as it is mine and only dedicated to reading and my books. Like a mini-library/reading space.

The final touch would, of course, be the bookshelves themselves. Let’s revisit the Beauty and the Beast for this one. Floor to ceiling bookshelves would be awesome, but I would love to have shelves that come with a ladder.


Like this gorgeous beast! Look at that! That’s a gorgeous shelf, and if you can’t have a whole room with floor to ceiling bookshelves then this would still be and awesome shelf to have.

So, that is my idea of the ultimate reading space. What is your dream reading space?




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