My blogging process…

Whether you are interested or not, I will tell you all about my blogging process and where I do my writing. There are no shocking facts here, many of you who blog might recognize yourselves.

I do not blog at a set time every day, instead, I sit down and write when I have time for it. Whether that is early morning, during class when things get boring or late at night doesn’t really matter to me. I should probably introduce some sort of blogging schedule to ensure that I stay consistent with my updates. But in that case, it might start to feel like a job, which is something I definitely don’t want.

The worst thing though with my current “system” is that I can literally be “editing” a post for several months just because I never sit down and finish writing that post.


I have a perfect desk, perfectly set up and ready for me to sit down and write. Instead, I sit on the couch with the computer on my lap and grumble about not being a hundred percent comfortable. Life is hard.

And this is my horrible wrist being horrible. I need a wrist support to write on my computer, otherwise, my wrist starts hurting real bad.

So that is pretty much what my blogging process looks like. If you are a follower of my blog and actually read it, you also know that I can be super inconsistent when it comes to blogging. Some months I post every single day and some months I only post once. My plans for the future of this blog is to be more consistent and also to add some weekly features that aren’t book reviews.

Do you have any suggestions for what I could add to make the blog more intereting?


6 thoughts on “My blogging process…

  1. Hey! I saw that you liked my post about my giveaway! Did you want to enter? Haha I’m really trying to get rid of them so it would help me out, but also you’d get free books so win win!


  2. I think you should write more about yourself. You know, sometimes people like knowing about people. Maybe someone would be like you. Books and personal experiences draw people out. I don’t know exactly but I observed it on my blog. Weird reasons people come and talk to you! And I hope your wrist gets better. 😄 Keep writing!


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