I’m currently reading several books at the same time. Mostly because I started one, was sort of interested but not fully satisfied and therefore started another book to read alongside the others. Did this several times until I ended up with these six books. The Stars Never Rise seems like a really quick read, started it recently and already halfway through.

I’m also listening to Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

What are your #fridayreads / weekend reads?


7 thoughts on “#FridayReads

  1. I done that last month as well. There’s about 7 books on my currently reading shelf on goodreads and I’ve since started 2 more that I didn’t add to it.

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    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one! Sometimes you just can’t be happy with reading one type of book, you need several different ones with different characters, settings and plots. It’s one of the reason I like reading fanfic when I can’t settle with a book. They are short and you can get almost any genre you want.

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      • Mostly on AO3 because I find that they have the best authors and also the biggest amount of fanfic. But I know that Fanfic.net is also quite good. It depends a little on whether you want to read about ships within the fandom or about a new character being introduced as a love interest, then go to AO3 for the first and fanfic.net for the second 🙂


      • No, since usually the voice of the author is so unique that fanfic can’t really replicate it 🙂 And usually the fanfics take the story in a totally different direction so you are aware that it is not canon:)

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