2017 SciFi and Fantasy book club’s TBR cleanup challenge

Found this excellent way of getting started on that massive tbr pile we all have over at the fabulous Travellinginmybookcase’s blog and got totally inspired. I’m having a hard time getting excited over what to read next at the moment so this will hopefully prove helpful.

1. The 56th book (The 56th book on your kindle or on your TBR list)


2. A Translated book


3. A book with a one word title


4. A book set in a different country from your own


5. Award winner


I don’t know if the book itself has won any awards but Svetlana Alexiyevich is a Nobel Prize Winner.

6. A book by an author whose first or last name begins with the letter T 


7. Less than 200 pages 


8. A book you added in your birth month


9. A 2017 release


10. With the colour green on the cover or in the title


11. Your favorite subgenre


12. A book that starts with the same letter as your first name


13. Sort by isbn and choose the first book that has an isbn number


14. Highest average rating


15. A book by an author you’ve never read

Courtiers: The Secret History of the Georgian Court

16. A book more than 10 years old


17. Has been on your TBR for more than two years


18. A friend gave it 5 stars


19. Based on cover love


20. A bestseller



Totally excited about my 2017 tbr now! Looking forward to reading these books 🙂



6 thoughts on “2017 SciFi and Fantasy book club’s TBR cleanup challenge

  1. hahaha, every time I see a “translated book” it makes me laugh because it usually means a non-English book. I need to guard myself to read more Polish books because I have some great ones on my shelves and I still haven’t touched them

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    • Ha ha I know, and to be honest it’s kind of sad :/ I should get better at reading Swedish books, but most books I read are written in English originally and therefore I rather read them in English. However, I have actually started to read a little more in Swedish 🙂

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