December Book Challenge Day 3


Day 3: New Favorite Authors

I have gotten several new favorite authors during 2016, which is both pleasing and terrible for my wallet. I’ll make a mini-list of a few of the ones I found during 2016:

  • Pierce Brown. I read Red Rising during the end of summer and fell heels over head in love with it and Brown’s writing.
  • H. Paul Honsinger. He writes space operas (yeah, I know) and I am so glad I found him. I am currently reading the second book in his trilogy Man of War, For Honor We Stand, and I am loving it.
  • Nora Sakavic. GO READ THE FOXHOLE COURT NOW!!!! I read it during the summer and absolutely devoured them (think I read all three in less than three days).
  • Rachel McMillan. She writes a fun female version of Holmes and Watson that I definitely recommend. (She is also super nice to fangirl with on twitter).

I have found several more, but if I list them all this post will be very long. I thought this was a nice mix of popular authors and different genres.


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