December Book Challenge Day 2!


Day 2 : Shortest book you read

THIS WAS REALLY DIFFICULT OK?! The stress that this caused me is unbelievable, like does plays and novellas count?


Well, after thinking about it for several hours (no, not kidding) I decided not to count plays but to include novellas and short stories. After that it became easy, especially since Goodreads is just so helpful. The shortest read I read this year is One Last Spell by Raven Snow, a book that did not impress me at all. Thankfully it was short, only 40 pages.


Zelda has sworn never to perform magic again. She’s also sworn never to help solve a murder again — last time she did both, disaster occurred. She’s had it with magic, murder, and men.

She’s happy with her life now, secluded on the mountainside in the small cozy town of Castlerock. No one bothers her and that’s the way she likes it. But when her long lost best friend and police detective Jessica turns up on Zelda’s doorstep one day everything changes. Jessica tells her there’s been a murder in town and Zelda is the only one who can help.

Last time, things ended in disaster. Zelda’s life and relationships were destroyed. Zelda however can’t say no to her best friend, especially when she hears that the murder victim is someone Zelda knew – a fellow outcast. Now the case is personal in more ways than one. Zelda agrees to help out but only this one last time.

Zelda meets handsome but bumbling police recruit Josh, and she gets dragged further and further into the mystery, she might just have to rethink her stance on life. Maybe life back with the mortals might not be so bad after all, but things are not all they seem.

Can Zelda solve the case and put her past to rest?
Will Josh prove himself to be worthy of a witch’s affections?
Will this really be Zelda’s last spell?

Which is the shortest book you’ve read this year?


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