ARC Review: Nocturna by Ashley Elliot

31551085Original Title: Nocturna

Year Published: Today, 1/12-2016. If you are interested it is available on Amazon.

Published by: Self-published (an arc was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Number of Pages: 394

First Sentence: “Terror spiked in my veins as arms wrapped around me, caging me, stopping me from escaping.”

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


A kingdom inhabited by creatures of myth, Nocturna has existed since before the dawn of history.

Valon Wess is unaware of this world like the rest of the humans on Earth. At least, he was until he’s kidnapped, joining Di and other humans on their unwilling way to Nocturna.

Valon becomes the Dragon King Alexei’s first male concubine in a nation where humans are slaves. With his arrival bringing many changes to this monstrous society, Valon must learn to accept his position in this strange, ancient country as well as deal with his blossoming love for a man of a different species.

My thoughts:

This was a really enjoyable read. It does give you the feeling of being a little too much like a fanfic at the start but that quickly changes and becomes an overall great read. It has several twists and turns, some obvious and some that you absolutely do not see coming.

Valon was a great main character. I absolutely adored him and his wit. He was a nice and easily likable character, and I enjoyed reading the book from his point of view. He has plenty of attitude and sass without being too much, which was perfect. Sure, he does go from being badass to a whimpering little boy at times, but he is a teenage boys so that might no be that unrealistic.

Alexei was amazing and I loved seeing his character change and evolve. Starting off as a cold ruler and turning into a man you might actually like. I won’t say anything more, because spoilers. Just know that you will want to slap him at the start and then do anything to protect him at the end. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Valon and Alexei as well, it felt really realistic (within the world) and progressed at a pretty natural pace.

There is a whole ensemble of minor characters, ranging from people you will adore to people you want to strangle with your own two hands. With these characters, you will get several intriguing and interesting relationships, several which will tug at your heartstrings.

The plot was fun and entertaining. There were some parts that could have been better developed, some world building could have been better laid out, but overall the book is grand with a good tempo and pretty good writing. A little bit of warning should be added here. We are talking about a character that is kidnapped and the forced to become a concubine to the king of the world to which he is brought. However, there is no non-consensual sex in this, just one kiss that is taken without consent. But still, if this is a sticking point with you, then take this into consideration.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.

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