Do you want to know a secret? by Claudia Carroll


Original Title: Do you want to know a secret?

Year Published: 2009

Published by:  Transworld Ireland

Number of Pages: 352

First Sentence: Right then, here goes.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Vicky Harper is single and it’s been a long time since she had a date with that elusive species – the decent single man so she decides to put the laws of attraction into action. All she has to focus on is thinking her wildest fantasies into reality. A bit like Pollyanna except with a magic 8 ball, a mortgage and a lot of vodka… so along with her two beyond fabulous best friends they vow to project manage each other’s lives with hilarious consequences

My thoughts:

Claudia Carroll has been a favourite author of mine since 2008 and I always find myself enjoying her books. This was no exception. It was a fun yet heartfelt story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Vicky is our lead girl. She was easy to relate to and I really liked her. Carroll’s characters are always quirky and so much fun to read about. They are also extremely likable and you really feel like you make a new friend. What I love the most about Carroll’s books, though, is the fact that our lead women are usually surrounded by amazing female friends, in this case, Barbara and Laura. And they support and love each other no matter what. Yeah, they might have a small fight during the book but they get over it by the end (although at the moment I don’t recall any fighting in this book).

The story itself was quite fantastic. I think we all have turned to self-help books at least once in our life in the hope that at least one of them will help you sort everything in your life. In fact, when we get desperate we are almost willing to do anything. That is pretty much the stage Vicky has reached. She finds a book that proclaims that it will teach you the secrets of the universe. This leads to so many hilarious situations and you will find yourself either giggling or laughing out loud several times whilst reading this book.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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