Deadly Thorns by Kathleen Peacock (Hemlock #2)


Original Title: Deadly Thorns/Thornhill

Year Published: 2013

Published by: Simon & Schuster UK 

Number of Pages: 352

First Sentence: Some rooms looked better in the dark.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


The second in the gripping crime trilogy with a hint of supernatural from Kathleen Peacock has the same great mix of page-turning action scenes and heady romance.
Kyle is still on the run, despite Mac’s best efforts to track him down and bring him home. But when they finally find themselves back together, it’s not in the best of circumstances. Trapped in a werewolf prison camp where inmates keep disappearing and not returning, Mac knows that something sinister is happening, but can they find out the truth? And with Jason still sure of his own feelings for Mac, will she start to doubt her own for Kyle?

My thoughts:

This is the second book in the Hemlock trilogy. It pretty much pick up where the first one left off, and just hits the ground running. I absolutely loved the first book, and although this one didn’t have me just as excited as the first book, it was still a fantastic read.

I do enjoy these characters immensely and it was so nice to get back to them. Mac, Jason and Kyle still all star and does so in an amazingly balanced way. Yes, Mac is the main character and it is written from her point of view, but we still get an understanding of what the other characters feel and what their motivations are. We also meet several new characters, characters that add some more depth and feeling to the story.

The plot is very interesting and has a high entertainment value. If you like me don’t like reading crime books and is a little hesitant about this trilogy because it’s classified as a crime or thriller, then do not worry. It does have crime/thriller elements but it is a young adult/paranormal story that is very exciting and entertaining. And sure, they are locked in a werewolf prison camp for most of the book, which after some time got a little monotone, but it was overall both very interesting and entertaining. It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the book.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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