ARC Review: Dead Girl Running by Ann M. Noser (The New Order #1)


Original Title: Dead Girl Running

Year Published: 2015

Published by: Curiosity Quills Press (an arc was kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

Number of Pages: 225

First Sentence: “Prejudice, greed and an overemphasis on self-worth led early, unenlightened American Administrations to engage in Aggressive Warfare Tactics with other similarly misguided nations.

Goodreads Rating: 3/5


Eight years ago, SILVIA WOOD’s father died in an industrial accident. After suffering through years of Psychotherapy Services and Mandated Medications for depression and multiple suicide attempts, she longs to work in Botanical Sciences. When the Occupation Exam determines she must work in Mortuary Sciences instead, she wonders if the New Order assigned her to the morgue to push her over the edge.

To appease her disappointed mother, Silvia enters the Race for Citizen Glory, in an attempt to stand out in the crowd of Equals. After she begins training with “golden boy” LIAM HARMAN, she discovers he also lost his father in the same accident that ruined her childhood. Then Silvia meets and falls for Liam’s older cousin, whose paranoid intensity makes her question what really happened to her father. As the race nears, Silvia realizes that she’s not only running for glory, she’s running for her life.

My thoughts:

I thought this book sounded so great when I requested this arc on Netgalley. However, it was not entirely what I expected. The plot took a really long time to really get anywhere which sadly enough made it quite boring.

Silvia, our main character, was a mix of cool and annoying. However, she was mostly enjoyable and I did ultimately genuinely like her. The little kinks of her personality that I did not like I think was down to poor editing.

Liam was pretty awesome though. I loved how he took Silvia under his wings and just decided that he was going to help make her a winner. What made the relationship between Silvia and Liam great is that it isn’t romantic. It is a boy and a girl being friends, although they could have become a non-platonic relationship.

And it is the relationships between Silvia and the other characters that actually makes this book good. Here we find several little gems that make the not so good parts of this book bearable.

The plot itself has its moments. The idea of running a race in order to gain some wealth and other perks was quite fun, but the way it was written made the storyline quite flat. It could have been more developed and given a better suited intrigue than what it actually had.

Do I recommend it? 

Sure, why not.


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