Loxley: The Chronicles of Robin Hood by John Bainbridge


Original Title: Loxley: The Chronicles of Robin Hood

Year Published: 2015

Published by:  Giles & Bentley

Number of Pages: 280

First Sentence: It was the noise of an arrow.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


1198 A.D A hooded man brings rebellion to the forest…
Lionheart’s England, with the King fighting in Normandy…

For the oppressed villagers of Sherwood there is no escape from persecution and despair. They exist under the sufferance of their brutal overlords.

When a mysterious stranger saves a miller’s son from cruel punishment, the Sheriff of Nottingham sends the ruthless Sir Guy of Gisborne to hunt him down.

His past life destroyed, Robin of Loxley must face his greatest challenge yet. Deadly with a longbow and a sword, he will fight tyranny and injustice, encounter allies and enemies old and new.

The vast Sherwood Forest with its hidden glades and ancient pathways is the last refuge of wolfsheads. Here their bloody battles will be fought, friendships forged and loyalties tested.

Loxley will become Robin Hood. Notorious leader of outlaws.

Their daring deeds will become legend.

My thoughts:

This was a quite enjoyable retelling of the Robin Hood legend and definitely had an air of originality. It definitely isn’t the Disney version as it is much darker than that one. It is still a good version of the old legend, but if you are expecting a fun adventurous story like the Disney or The Prince of Thieves then you should look for another book.

Although Robin is the most central character, this book allows you to see through many more characters eyes, both within and outside of Robin’s “Merry Men”. What also was interesting is that the author chose to not make Robin heroic from the start. Instead, he slowly becomes the Robin we all have heard of, although maybe not as witty and fun as we might have experienced in the past.

Marian is pretty badass. If you have seen the BBC series you will have an idea of how she is characterized here. She is no vain smiling maiden, instead she fights for what she believes in. Her father is a kind man, intent on allowing her to live her life and marrying whoever she likes.

The rest of the merry men are here as well. A little rougher than we are used to but still just as lovely. Will Scarlett has and always will be my favourite (had a crush on the Prince of Thieves version as a youngster) and he was my favourite here as well. On the other side we have the horrible Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne, being more horrible than ever.

The plot was interesting with twists and turns that kept it entertaining. It did however have some parts that became just a little too slow but it was still very readable and it did pick up the pace pretty quickly.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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