ARC Review: Something in the Air by Marie Landry


Original Title: Something in the Air

Year Published: 2015

Published by: N/A (an arc was kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

Number of Pages: 246

First Sentence: There were days when I thought I should change my name to Miss.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Her life hasn’t gone as planned, but she’s about to realize that sometimes the best things happen when you stop expecting life to be a certain way…

When Rose Morgan put off her college plans to help her mother through a difficult time, she thought it would just be a bump in the road of her journey. She got a job to help pay the bills and started picking up the slack at home. But three years later, her bumpy ride hasn’t smoothed out yet, and Rose feels stuck. She’s working at a job she hates and living with a manipulative mother. She’s tired of feeling like her life has stalled, tired of the resentment and anger building inside her with each passing day.

Then Declan Connelly appears in her life, and even though the hot Irishman is seriously tempting, Rose is determined not to let him in. She’s afraid to suck anyone into her bizarre life, especially someone who seems too charming for his own good. She soon learns there’s more to Declan than his sexy accent and charismatic personality, though. He’s a good man, and he wants Rose in his life, baggage and all. He’s got his own, and he isn’t scared away like she originally feared he would be.

Everything in Rose’s life is changing quickly. It’s finally her time–time to figure out what she wants and what her future holds. Time to get swept off her feet and not fight it. But when her plans might take her away from all the amazing new things in her life, including Declan, Rose has to make a choice. Is she willing to chase her dreams, even if it means letting go of love?

My thoughts:

This was a cute and sweet contemporary romance book. I enjoyed reading it and thought it as a good enough story.

Rose is a good main character and actually goes through several changes. She starts off kind of meek and by the end she is definitely more independent and stronger as a person. There were sometimes where I wanted to give her a good shake though, but I think you can never fully get away from that.

Declan was also a good character. He was sexy, yet sensitive and fun. Get a man like him and you will be a very lucky girl. I loved the fact that he honestly wanted what was best for Rose and not just so she would be with him. He would have been happy just being her friend.

The plot wasn’t that overwhelmingly great and not that original either. But it was well written and still very entertaining. It had some unexpected twists and turns that were fun and breathed some new life into the story just when it needed it.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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