The King’s Men by Nova Sakavic (All For the Game #3)


Original Title: The King’s Men

Year Published: 2014

Published by:  Smashwords Edition

Number of Pages: 370

First Sentence: Even after a semester at Palmetto State University and a couple of weeks practicing on the largest Exy stadium in the United States, Neil was still stuck breathless by the Foxhole Court.

Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Neil Josten is out of time. He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn’t survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he’s got more reasons than ever to live.

Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable. Kissing one is unthinkable. Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end, but Andrew’s never been the easiest person to walk away from. If they both say it doesn’t mean anything, maybe Neil won’t regret losing it, but the one person Neil can’t lie to is himself.

He’s got promises to keep and a team to get to championships if he can just outrun Riko a little longer, but Riko’s not the only monster in Neil’s life. The truth might get them all killed—or be Neil’s one shot at getting out of this alive.

My thoughts:

This is the epic conclusion to the All For the Game trilogy. And it truly is epic. It has taken everything that made the two first books amazing and supercharged it. This just hits the ground running and just keeps going to the final page.

I don’t even know what else to say about these characters that I haven’t already covered in my previous reviews. This is the hard part about reviewing books in a trilogy/series. What I can say is that this book made me love the Foxes so much more, and also got me loving some new characters. So much about what makes the characters tick is revealed here and you can see how much they have developed from book 1, whether it’s a bad or good development.

The plot is so interesting and entertaining. You can see how the different events are linked and nothing feels superfluous. I absolutely loved this book and it was so exciting to read. I will once again give a word of warning concerning the violence in these books. They do get pretty violent so if you are squeamish than think twice before reading.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, a thousand times yes!


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