TTT: 10 fun websites I waste a lot of time on


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week’s theme is 10 fun websites I waste a lot of time on. I will also count apps as websites 😀

  1. Instagram. I check Instagram daily and I post photos regularly if not daily.
  2. Tumblr. Same thing as with Instagram. I do something on Tumblr pretty much every single day. If not visiting my own Tumblr I visit someone else’s.
  3. Bigfarm by goodgamestudios. It’s a online farming game that I play every single day. It’s very relaxing actually 🙂
  4. Amazon. I look at books there almost all the time. I recently got Kindle Unlimited so I have gone a little extra crazy lately.
  5. Book depository. Speaking of books, I’m on BP several times a week. No, I do not purchase books that often but I longingly look at them.
  6. Goodreads. I log on to Goodreads every single day as well. It’s fun to see what others read and what they think of the books they read.
  7. Archive of Our Own (AO3). Another site I visit daily. I love reading fanfics and there are so many talented fanfic authors out there.
  8. The Crossfit youtube page. No, I do not do crossfit myself (although I workout), but I find some of the videos real good fun and really interesting to watch. The fit hunky men are a nice bonus.
  9. Facebook. Like come on. It has to be on here.
  10. Twitter. I don’t check this as often but a few times a week.


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