Midnight Customer by Mac Flynn (Vampire Soul #1)


Original Title: Midnight Customer

Year Published: 2015

Published by: N/A

Number of Pages: 44

First Sentence: Fate is kind and cruel, and sometimes I wonder if it doesn’t have a sick sense of humor, too. 

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Long cold nights working at a trucker’s diner makes sassy waitress Misty pine for something more. She gets her wish when rumors spread about strange creatures seen in the night, and one of the regular diners tells her a haunting story.

Misty offers to help him, and before she knows it one trouble leads to another and she’s entwined in a web of death and undeath. The undeath is a handsome and mysterious stranger, and the death might be her own. She’ll have to use all her wits to get her out of this mess, and with most of her blood intact.

My thoughts:

This is a very interesting and entertaining short story. It was a freebie from Amazon and most freebies tend to be kind of … well, crap to be honest. This was not a crappy freebie. It does feel like a sort of rip off of the Sookie Stackhouse series, but it has enough different elements to make it stand apart from it. The plot was actually really interesting and it was well written.

Misty was a fun main character. She was feisty and sassy, two things I love in characters. She also has the more normal reaction to the supernatural (not, the “oh wow this is so cool” but the “wtf?” reaction) and her inner monologue is quite fun to read.

Roland the vampire (hi hi, Roland) is also a quite interesting character. He is your typical vampire, but instead of being too creepy he actually feels quite normal. And no, there is no instant “omg, I must have her/him!” in this book. In fact, Roland and Misty’s paths only cross because the trucker Roland actually wants is terrified of the dark shadow stalking him (although, he does not want him in a romantic way).

Overall this novella was fun and interesting with good characters that gave the story substance. I really enjoyed it.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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