The Triple B by S. Y. Tyler


Original Title: The Triple B

Year Published: 2014

Published by:  N/A

Number of Pages: 177

First Sentence: According to a review in the Austin Wrangler, the Bailey Brothers Bakery is “a homegrown treasure, run by a pair of brothers with dreams as big as our Texas sky.””

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


In Logan’s opinion, The Bailey Brothers Bakery shouldn’t be famous for its cupcake flavors, they should be famous for their incredibly attractive deliveryman, Ethan. Logan’s never been very lucky in dating, no one’s ever wanted to call him theirs, but when Ethan smiles at him, Logan’s ready to try falling in love like he’s never been hurt.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book. This is a fanfic converted into a full book, and I remember loving the fanfic and figured that this was a great way to support the author in a more official capacity. It is not just the fanfic with the names changed, it has been edited and some things have been added.

Logan is a very interesting character. He is very overprotective of his brother, thinking he deserves only the best, thinks the same of his staff but not of himself. He has set himself up to always expect the worst, thinking that is what he deserves. I loved his journey through this book, going from very insecure concerning relationships and then getting more and more confident and actually thinking of himself first.

Ethan is another interesting character. He is the suave confident new employée of the Bailey Brothers and interested in Logan. But all is not a smooth a ride, cause why should it be? His story was also very intriguing and interesting to read.

The rest of the cast is also interesting and it is very entertaining to read about their trials and tribulations. It never gets too much and it feels very well balanced. What gets a little bit over the top is how the males are perceived. I know that men have emotions just like women do, but it was almost like they were sometimes written to react like a woman would have in certain situations. It might be something only I have troubles with, and it might not necessary be a bad thing.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do.


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