Love’s a Witch by Hope Welsh (Karma’s Witches #2)


Original Title: Love’s a Witch

Year Published: 2013

Published by:  HSW Books

Number of Pages: 76

First Sentence: I walked in the door with an exhausted sigh.”

Goodreads Rating: 3/5


Amethyst has been single, content and working as a nurse. All that changes on the night of the eclipse when she comes home only to find a book–a Book of Shadows–and a letter explaining that she’s not only got two sisters that she doesn’t know–but that she’s also a hereditary witch!

Things start happening that her logical mind just can’t process. Can she accept her new life?

When she meets the handsome Shawn at a street fair, the last thing she expected was to see him less than twenty-four hours later as a patient in her ER. Sometimes, Love’s just a Witch.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed the first book in this series but I did not like this one as much. It is quite possible that it is the author since this book is written by a different author than the first book was. It is also the fact that the plot in this book just felt… blah. It almost felt like something the author had thrown together in just a few hours and thought it would make a great read anyway.

I didn’t like the characters as much in this one. Amethyst was ok and an ok main character. The problem was Shawn, who instead of a love interest felt more like a creepy stalker.

Some of the plot was also just repetition of the first book, which was expected, but the things around that just felt weird. It was like the author needed a subplot and just went with anything.

Do I recommend it? 

If you are looking for something short and sweet then yes.


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