Punch-Drunk Love by Nico Jaye


Original Title: Punch-Drunk Love

Year Published: 2014

Published by:  M/M Romance Group @Goodreads

Number of Pages: 55

First Sentence: C’mon, Wallace, move your ass!

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Between his biochemistry classes and rigorous kickboxing training, Oliver Reyes has enough on his plate, thank you very much. With his first official match coming up, he doesn’t have any time for distractions, even if they come in the handsome and muscular form of the team’s captain Derek Vance. However, Oliver’s friends encourage him to loosen up a little at the out-of-town kickboxing meet, and a unicorn costume, a mysterious masked stranger, and that Diablo known as tequila soon lead to an unforgettable post-competition night in Vegas.

Once the team returns to San Francisco, can Oliver somehow go back to his no-nonsense daily grind of classes and training? Or will his wild night of make-believe in Sin City result in some real-life–and really attractive–distractions?

My thoughts:

I loved this little novella. It was perfectly paced and a lot of things managed to happen during the sparse 55 pages. Despite the pages flying by it did feel like you had read a full-length book at the end of it.

Oliver was a lovely main character and his love interest, Derek, was also quite lovely. The development of their relationship felt realistic and so did most of the events in the book. In comparison to some mm romance books, this one actually felt overall realistic. The boys reacted like you’d expect instead of turning into over emotional wrecks or horndogs.

I don’t know what else to say apart from if you are looking for something short and sweet, yet interesting, then  this little novella is perfect for you.

Do I recommend it? 



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