December challenge day 8+9

Realised just now that I forgot to do day 8 yesterday. No problem, though, will just combine the two today.

Day 8: Worth reading.

You should definitely pick up Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere. I finished it yesterday, and oh boy, it was amazing. If you haven’t read it yet then immediately add it to your tbr!

Day 9: Christmas present tip 2.

I am terrible at giving tips when it comes to presents. We have a problem in the family right now concerning what to get each other. Therefore, I shall just stick to recommending good books to give to your relatives.


Any Terry Pratchett book will do, but this is the first in the Discworld series. They can all be read as a standalone but I would still start here. Terry Pratchett’s books are great for all people you know that love a good combination of epic adventures, humour, satire and cleverly masked references to the real world, media or other.


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