December Challenge!

I found this at my friend Bella’s blog, and I am now stealing it and translating it into English, because trying to google for an appropriate challenge was completely unsuccessful. This challenge stretches all the way to New Year’s Eve, so it is 31 days long.

  1. Currently reading.
  2. Best (children’s) book with a Christmas theme.
  3. Christmas present tip 1.
  4. (Christmas) food from a book.
  5. An unthinkable book to read during winter.
  6. Two author’s you wish have a conversation with.
  7. My best book friends (real or made up).
  8. Worth reading.
  9. Christmas present tip 2.
  10. A book with holiday spirit.
  11. Book blog tip.
  12. Book to take with you to a deserted island.
  13. A book you started many times, but never managed to finish.
  14. Christmas present tip 3.
  15. Book pod tip.
  16. A “coffee table” book.
  17. E-book.
  18. Unexpected book on the shelf.
  19. Warmer for your nightstand.
  20. A quote from a book.
  21. Book I leave out when I am expecting company.
  22. Book I hide when expecting company.
  23. A Christmas drink to drink whilst reading today.
  24. Christmas Eve in a book. (or Day depending on if you celebrate on the 24th or 25th)
  25. Christmas reading.
  26. A country whose authors I have never read.
  27. Worst of 2015.
  28. Best of 2015.
  29. What I looked forward to reading 2015.
  30. What I look forward to reading in 2016.
  31. Bookish new year promises?

That’s it! If it seems strangely worded or just weird, it’s because some were hard to translate and some were weird even in Swedish. There is no price to be won, it is just for fun. If you want to join then go ahead! The more the merrier.



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