Support authors!

If you have read a book that made you swoon and fangirl hard, please, let the author know about it! It is so easy today for us, readers and book bloggers that is, to reach out to authors and let them know we loved their work. Most authors have an open account on one of the several social media sites out there. Authors are humans too, and trust me, they will love hearing you fangirl about their books. Don’t expect all of them to answer, though, if they are well known they probably get mentioned on those sites several hundred times a day and your tweet or post might be lost amongst all the other tweets or posts. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get on a social media sites and fangirl as much as possible over the book and author. But trust me, they will love seeing your tweet about their book and they might even take time out of their day to let you know that they saw it and appreciate it.

If you loved a book, then spread the word about it. Review it on your blog, recommend it to as many people as possible and bring it up in conversation as much as possible. It is not just a nice thing to do, but it can be the thing that ensures that the book is either printed (if an arc) or gets a sequel. Throw it at people you pass in the street if you have too! (or actually don’t, I don’t want you to get sued). It takes just a few seconds for you to write a quick tweet about a book saying you love it, but that tweet can make more people aware of the book and get them interested in reading it. The more the merrier.

I have been thinking about this for a while but what prompted this post was something that I picked up in the mail today. A package containing a gorgeous t-shirt, fridge magnets and a super sweet letter. I already knew I’d get the shirt, but the rest was a nice surprise. The package was from Lindsay Brambles, debut author of the amazing book Becoming Darkness. I loved that book even before coming in contact with the author, so my thoughts on it are not influenced by the author. It all started with me posting a review of the book. Actually it started with me getting the arc from Netgalley. And that snowballed into me getting this amazing little “care package”.


Isn’t it very pretty? I never expected this when letting the author know that I loved his book. I would have been happy with just a “thank you”. Instead, I got first-hand experience of seeing just how important it is to let an author know that you loved their book and it made me even more aware of how one quick tweet can make someone’s day. Personally I get giddy when an author just sees my tweets and either like, retweet or even answer them. That makes my day. So imagine what positive tweets or post make the author feel like.

However, don’t go into it expecting free stuff. Not all authors have the opportunity nor the chance to send you either a copy of their book or things related to their book. In fact, it is very rare so do not go demanding things from the authors.

My point is, support authors. No matter if they are aspiring authors, debut authors or world known authors, they all appreciate hearing positive feedback on their work. So if you loved their book, let them know it. But also know that not all with answer your tweets or post, or might never even see them. But other book bloggers and book lovers might and so the book gets more and more recognition, which it hopefully deserves.


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