General update

Ok, so I just survived grueling exam number one (as in, I can breathe easily until grades are posted) and now I just need to get through grueling home exam and then I’m done with year two of the teaching programme! Woot woot! I was literally so mentally exhausted after today’s exam that I slept like the dead. You know it’s bad when you dream a dream within the dream, and all versions of you are telling you to wake up, but your eyes are too heavy. And then, when you think you finally managed, you realize you are still dreaming. That’s a sign you are super exhausted. It’s also cool to know that I can go full on Inception on myself.

What’s the point of this update, you might ask. Letting you know, that hopefully I should be back to reading soon (like Sunday) and then the reviews will start coming weekly again. And that’s reviews in plural, not singular. Thank god for that!

Good luck to all of you still doing exams, crossing my fingers that we all pass and to all of ya’ll, have a good summer. I will be working and reading and blogging and enjoying the hell out of it!


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