Fallen Empire by Gari Punungwe


Original Title: Fallen Empire

Year Published: 2015

Published by: Gari Punungwe (I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review)

Number of Pages: 346

First Sentence: It’s a steep fall, ‘ Eddrick Hyche said above the sounds of the falling rain, eyes intent on Logaine Asher.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Orden, a land-borne after the Blackwood Rebellion. The House of Thainheart emerged strongest and became the Royal Line. But there are schemes afoot as other Lord’s and Ladies thirst for power. The death of the King throws the realm into chaos. Murder and betrayal are only the beginning as more nefarious and ancient powers are brought into the race for Glory.

Fallen Empire is the debut novel from Gari Punungwe. Orden is a rich and complex world driven by grey characters. Politics and Power collide in this fantastical world.

My thoughts:

I really liked this book. It is fast paced with loads of action, but also intrigues and more sedate stories that all help propel the story forward. It’s a world filled with several kingdoms all vying for the ultimate power. The story also has elements of magic and wonder, which is always a plus.

There are several main characters and we get to see events and the world from several points of views. For the first few chapters, I went “whoa, how the hell am I supposed to separate all these characters”. But it turned out the be a lot easier than I thought. Some names are similar but thanks to their personalities and character traits it becomes easy to tell them apart. The two most important characters (at least that’s what I thought) are Prince Hylan and Graer, a beasted brother. They live in separate kingdom’s but they are connected (I won’t tell you why because of spoilers!). They both have to deal with adapting to their roles as future leaders and important contributors to their society. It is very interesting to see how the two handle it because it is both similar and very different.

We mostly meet men, but we do get varied men (thank god). Men who although they are proper hardass warriors, are sensitive little marshmallows on the inside as well. We do have our women too, but they hide away in the background. I mean, we have this badass queen, but she is only present for a little while.  What I really liked was that although one of the women hatch a very devious plot, her husband does not blame her when it all goes awry, because she never tried to see it realised, he did. Therefore, it is his fault that what happened, happened. His words, not mine.

The plot is really good. Instead of one big main plot, we have several plots that are all linked together in order to get to the same goal. All the plot lines are interesting and I never got bored, no matter which character that particular chapter was centered on. Just like the characters the different plots are easy to keep apart although it can seem slightly daunting from the start.

Is there anything negative? Well yes. I’m not very sensitive when it comes to cursing and foul language (I can swear like a sailor for sure), but the cursing here sometimes felt unnecessary. Especially since it was focused on only one or two swear words (points if you can guess which ones). It would have been better if the curses had been adapted to the world, and even created specifically for the word. The swearing doesn’t ruin the story or anything, but it was something that kept bothering/annoying me. Edit 2015-07-14: I have since making this review been informed by the author that the swearing has been removed.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do. It was fast paced action and really entertaining.


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