Netgalley challenge update!

Holy craperoni, I forgot I was doing this challenge! How many books I have read on NetGalley since I joined this challenge then? I wanted to read 15 for this challenge and so far, with one week to go, I have read 19 arcs. So I have surpassed my goal with four books! Yay me!

Since I’m a bit of an idiot, my rating on NetGalley has not improved that much. Apparently requesting and getting more arcs mean that you have to read even more to increase your rating (well duh). I hath no self-control, and have forbidden myself from visiting NetGalley if it is not to review an arc until I have reached at least 50%. So I’ll be able to get back to requesting arcs in like a year. (It’s not actually that bad, just almost).

If you are doing the NetGalley challenge with me, remember we have one more week to go! So get reading!


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