In Search of Lost Dragons by Elian Black’Mor and Carine M


Original Title: In Search of Lost Dragons

Year Published: 2014

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

Number of Pages: 224

First Sentence: I’ve just arrived at a small Inn in the heart of Armorica.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5


Gorgeous full-color paintings, accompanied by a unique story of world-wide exploration and dragon encounters! On the trail of dragons forgotten, an intrepid illustrator and reporter journeys from Europe through the Middle East and finally to Saigon in search of the dark caverns and mountaintop perches where the elusive winged serpents dwell. With the gift of seeing the invisible, our explorer friend records each encounter in a journal of gorgeous, fully painted artwork, capturing every majestic and fearsome visual detail of the scaly behemoths, and accompanies his findings with snippets of local lore as evidence that these hidden beasts continue to shape the world in ways we may never expect!

My thoughts:

Oh my god, I loved this! It is just so gorgeous! I’ve always loved dragons and after reading this nobody can convince me that dragons aren’t real. Just amazing. The book is laid out as a travel journal, and we get to follow an explorer as they travel to several countries through Europe and Asia in search of dragons and eventually a lost party of explorers. Sometimes the plot get’s a little lost, but it doesn’t really matter since the images are so incredibly beautiful.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, if you like dragons or pretty images. It’s gorgeous and I kind of want all of the images posted on my flats walls.


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