Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier (The Ruby Red Trilogy #1)


Original Title: Rubinrot

Year Published: 2012

Published by: Square Fish

Number of Pages: 322

First Sentence: As she fell to her knees and burst into tears, he looked all around the park.

Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Although I had never seen him before, I recognized him immediately. I’d have known his voice anywhere. This was the guy I’d seen on my last journey back in time.

Or more precisely, the one who’d kissed my doppelganger while I was hiding behind the curtain in disbelief.

Sixteen-year-old Gwen lives with her extended – and rather eccentric – family in an exclusive London neighborhood. In spite of her ancestors’ peculiar history, she’s had a relatively normal life so far. The time-traveling gene that runs like a secret thread through the female half of the family is supposed to have skipped over Gwen, so she hasn’t been introduced to “the mysteries,” and can spend her time hanging out with her best friend, Lesly. It comes as an unwelcome surprise when she starts taking sudden, uncontrolled leaps into the past.

She’s totally unprepared for time travel, not to mention all that comes with it: fancy clothes, archaic manners, a mysterious secret society, and Gideon, her time-traveling counterpart. He’s obnoxious, a know-it-all, and possibly the best-looking guy she’s seen in any century . . .

My thoughts:

I loved this book! It was so good. I really loved the idea of time travel and the way it was used in this book. The fact that there is a whole secret society dedicated to the time-travelers and the accuracy of the times they could travel to. It’s just brilliant. I loved the writing as well, it was fast paced, funny and overall entertaining.

Gwen is a great main character. She is put in a situation she is totally unprepared for but braves it anyway. She is funny and compassionate and I just really loved her.

The rest of the characters are just as intriguing as the book itself, and help create the amazingness that is this book. There are so many secrets and so much mystery, but not too much, that it will have you itching to read the next two books (as I am writing this I am reading the third and final book).

Do I recommend it?

YES! If you want to get away from vampires and werewolves and the rest of mythology that young adult fiction has honestly bled dry (although there are many good books with these themes) then this book is definitely for you. Actually, you should read it anyway. Just go… read… now!


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