Bound to Remember, A Paranormal Romance by Lola James (Book 1 of the Spellbound Series)


Original Title: Bound to Remember, A Paranormal Romance

Year Published: 2011

Published by: Self-published

Number of Pages: 116

First Sentence: Another meeting, I thought as I sat down in the conference room of the ER.

Goodreads rating: 1/5


Vampires and Witches and Myths, oh my!

Toni is a young doctor with a past she can’t remember and a deadly reason for forgetting it.

Ben is a nurse who has his own tragic past and transfers hospitals after an act of heroism forces his secluded life public.

Ben can’t believe his eyes when he meets Toni, she has an uncanny resemblance to an old friend of his, and Toni can’t help but find Ben irresistible.

Enter Kevin, Toni’s sexy but arrogant Ex. Kevin’s jealousy of Ben blinds him from his main objective, Toni.

A dangerous secret is revealed and a magic spell seems to be a quick remedy, but the witch that helps has a little more than magic up her sleeve…

My thoughts:

This book was horrible! I liked the basic idea of it and reading the summary made it seem somewhat interesting. I was so wrong. This book is just one cliche after another.

Toni is supposed to be an ER doctor but behaves like a 14-year-old girl. I’m not saying that a doctor can’t let loose and have fun, but any adult behaving like a child is just embarrassing. The fact that she also “falls in love” and wouldn’t be against actually marrying a guy after only knowing him for two days is just so awkward and people who actually behave like this in real life should be locked up (no I do believe in love at first sight, but this isn’t it).

The plot is another disaster. I’ve read fanfics that are a thousand times better. In fact, think of the worst fanfiction you’ve ever read. This will be worse. Trust me. I’m not even going to say anything more.

Do I recommend it?



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