Christmas countdown – day 21

Library memories

I loved going to the library as a child. We always borrowed books there for school, and we could choose any book we wanted to read during our “reading hour”. That’s how I found and fell in love with the fantasy genre. When I went to upper secondary school me and some classmates used to spend a lot of time studying in the library. I have a very fond memory of the three of us sitting in a corner of the library trying to study but instead giggling like madmen over random things as you do when you are 15-16 years old. We recorded a sound clip during that day which we still laugh about today almost 10 years later. Mature we are not.

I still like the library but since I buy all my books these days, I do not spend that much time there anymore. I was actually there this week, although it was only to return some books that I had borrowed for a course I’m reading.

Do you have any good library memories? Or bad ones?

Merry Christmas!


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