Christmas Countdown – day 19

A book with a non-human as narrator/protagonist

Oh my, it took me so effing long to come up with a book that I’ve read that had a no-human as a narrator/protagonist. So long! I’ve been pondering over this questions for days, and it was the hardest question to answer. I realised why it was so difficult when I actually googled what qualified as non-human in books. I think of everything that is humanoid as human, which apparently isn’t the case. Elves, trolls, hobbits, vampires, werewolves and so on are all non-humans. But before I googled it I actually came up with a book that I’ve read and loved that is narrated by a non-human.

The book is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I love horses so the book was a must for me as a child. I can’t remember exactly when I read it, but I was probably around the age of 10. I had seen the movie previous to reading the book and loved the movie. The book is such a tearjerker and if you are an animal lover, or overall have a heart, this book can be quite difficult to read.


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