Christmas countdown – day 6

What’s your relationship to reading in school? As a student, teacher or parent.

I honestly haven’t done that much reading in school unless you count reading course books. However, I have done a few courses that required reading literature. Since I in general love reading I usually don’t have a problem reading in school. There is a tendency amongst teacher to chose the most boring books though which is a little bit annoying. But realistically you can’t pick the most interesting books all the time, you do need to read the classics as well.
I’m currently studying to become a teacher myself and now realise that it’s not that simple for a teacher to pick a book that will be entertaining for everyone in a class. Not everyone will be happy with your choice of book, nor does everyone like reading. 
The day I have children I will ensure that they read but will not force them if they end up not liking reading. That I don’t believe in. I will however encourage them to read because I know how important reading is. 
Merry Christmas!

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