Christmas countdown!

Didn’t even think about doing a thing like this until I saw that my good friend over at Bellas bokblogg was doing a countdown to Christmas. Figured it was a great idea, so blatantly stole her questions and translated them into english. I do realise that I’m already three days behind, so will post the first three in one post.
Here are the questions:
  1. The first book you remember/read
  2. A really short book
  3. A trilogy. Good? Bad? Memorable?
  4. Talk about translations. What language do you read in? A good or bad translation?
  5. Do you read comic books or graphic novels? Favourite genre?
  6. What’s your relationship to reading in school? As a student, teacher or parent.
  7. A fairy tale. Classic or modern interpretation.
  8. A learners book that you clearly remember from childhood/teenage years
  9. A thick book
  10. A book by a Nobel prize winner
  11. The worst book you’ve ever read
  12. How many books have you read?
  13. A book with Italian connections
  14. A book that was published on the day you were born, or an author with the same birthday as you
  15. Book organization. Do you sort after author, genre, colour or other?
  16. The longest series you’ve read
  17. Having subtitles when watching TV or movies, what’s your relationship with that?
  18. Do you read e-books? On what platform? Why/why not?
  19. A book with a non-human as narrator/protagonist
  20. Short stories! Yes, no? Favourites?
  21. Library memories
  22. A book about food
  23. A poem or a collection of poems
  24. A book with connections to Christmas
Merry Christmas ya’ll!!!


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