Of Poseidon by Anna Banks (Book 1 of 2)

Original title: Of Poseidon
Year Published: 2012
Published by: Fiewel and Friends
Number of pages: 326 (my copy also has some bonus material)
First sentence: I smack into him as if shoved from behind.”
Goodreads rating: 5/5

The day Emma meets Galen on the beach is the day her life changes forever. Galen is the prince of the Syrena sent to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. When Emma runs into him – literally, ouch! – their connection is immediate and powerful. Could this be the girl? After several encounters, Galen is convinced Emma is the one. But how can he convinve her of her gift? And how can he make his feelings for her disappear? She’s the key to his kingdom, she can’t be the key to his heart.

My thoughts:
Yes, the summary on the back of the book does make it sound like you’ve already read and finished the book. Think again. This is a really good book which will make you laugh, want to tear your hair out and if you are a weepy person you will most definitely cry. The book is fast paced and never leaves you bored. It breaks you into little heartbroken pieces so early it is shocking. I wanted to find Anna Banks and shake her about just a little. But by the end of the book the pieces has mended together leaving a warm feeling in your chest. And then the cliffhanger of all cliffhanger hits you like truck.

Emma is a brilliant protagonist. She is everything that Bella from Twilight could have been. She is a klutz, she is quirky, but with a depth that makes her a great character. Half the book is written from her perspecive, always in “I” form and you will find yourself with a small smile on your lips for the most part. Galen is mysterious and according to Emma extremely good looking. But he is socially akward concidering the fact that he isn’t just to life on land, which creates some hilarious situations. I want a Galen in my life. Then you have supporting characters that aren’t really supporting characters. Rayna, Toraf and Rachel becomes your family just like they are Emma and Galens.

Do I recommend this book?
Yes. God yes, I do. If you love paranormal romance, don’t even hesitate just read. I recommend you buy all books at once, because the cliffanger I mentioned will ruin you if you do not have book nr two (Of Triton) close at hand.


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